Martinsburg, WV


Martinsburg, WV

Stamped Concrete is Unique and Cost Effective Hard Surface Option

Stamped concrete is different than your standard concrete surface most people are probably familiar with. Kirby’s Custom Concrete, LLC of Martinsburg, WV, offers customizable concrete in many colors and patterns. Customers who choose stamped concrete for the their outdoor and even indoor surfaces can have the look of expensive materials for a much lower cost. Kirby’s Custom Concrete takes satisfaction in creating spaces that are unique and attractive. With so many options available, stamped concrete is an easy way to add to the curb appeal of your home or even your business.

Get the Look of Stone, Brick or Wood without the Price in Martinsburg, WV

Kirby’s Custom Concrete can make stamped concrete can be made to look like stone, brick, or even wood. Stamped concrete is sometimes also known as textured or imprinted concrete that can be a great paving option for areas such as pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, patios, walkways and many more. Contact Kirby’s Custom Concrete to see why stamped concrete has become a popular option for home and business owners, and how you can get a high-end look for great price.

We Take Pride in the Work and the Service we Provide to Martinsburg, WV

While you are here, take a look at the photos of our previous projects in our portfolio on the site. There is many examples of the the different colors and patterns available for any type of stairway, sidewalk, walkway, patios, driveways, basements, garages, pool decks, and more. If you have ideas of your own or find some while looking through our portfolio, Kirby’s Custom Concrete can help make it a reality. Give Kirby’s Custom Concrete a call at (304) 274-2759 for more information and set up your free estimate.

Goldenrod (1 bag)

Goldenrod (2 bags)

Nutmeg (1 bag)

Nutmeg (2 bags)

Potter’s Clay (1 bag)

Potter’s Clay (2 bags)

Mystic Shadow (1 bag)

Baja Red (1 bag)

Baja Red (2 bags)

Salmon (1 bag)

Salmon (2 bags)

Egyptian Red (1 bag)

Egyptian Red (2 bags)

Rasberry (2 bags)

Hazelnut (3 bags)

Santa Fe Tan (1 bag)

Santa Fe Tan (2 bags)

Redwood (1 bag)

Redwood (2 bags)

Maroon (1 bag)

Maroon (2 bags)

Balsam Wood (3 bags)

Plum (1 bag)

Plum (2 bags)

Maple (1 bag)

Maple (2 bags)

Maple (3 bags)

Shadow Gray (2 bags)

Biscuit (1 bag)

Chocolate Fudge (1 bag)

Chocolate Fudge (2 bags)

Khaki (1 bag)

Khaki (2 bags)

Olive (1 bag)

Olive (2 bags)

Integral Color

Champagne (1 bag)

Champagne (2 bags)

Gold (1 bag)

Gold (2 bags)

Bamboo (1 bag)

Buff (1 bag)

Buff (2 bags)

Sahara (1 bag)

Copper (1 bag)

Copper (2 bags)

Orange Blossom (1 bag)

Orange Blossom (2 bags)

Sedona (1 bag)

Sedona (2 bags)

Taupe (1 bag)

Chaps (1 bag)

Chaps (2 bags)

Rustic (1 bag)

Rustic (2 bags)

Hazelnut (1 bag)

Hazelnut (2 bags)

Camel (1 bag)

Desert Sand (1 bag)

Stone Castle (1 bag)

Stone Castle (2 bags)

Willow (1 bag)

Balsam Wood (1 bag)

Balsam Wood (2 bags)

Gray Cloud (1 bag)

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Midnight Bay (1 bag)

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